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#4: Don’t Admit You’re Befuddled By Twitter, TiVo, Texting — Most of Technology

Sure, it’s baffling. Of course, those mushrooming applications like Digg and Reddit and Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter are overwhelming. In fact, I sometimes suspect that half those things are not real but a plot by people under 35 to drive us insane.

But the important thing is not to admit how overwhelmed you are. “I don’t understand why anyone would use Facebook instead of email” or “We still don’t know how to work the TiVo” are things you must not say publicly.

Just quietly hire a 14-year-old boy as your tech consultant. Or act as if you’re above the whole technology tsunami — You’re so cool, you’re unGoogleable! — rather than swamped by it. Use it, or don’t use it. But don’t act like it’s cute to be befuddled by it.

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