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#39: Don’t Wake Up Before Dawn

At the risk of breaking one of my own rules nearly as soon as I set it down, getting up when it’s still dark outside is what Seinfeld’s parents did. Remember? Jerry goes to visit and is awakened in the dark to find his parents in the kitchen making coffee and squeezing juice. “We thought we’d let you sleep in,” they say. To which he responds, aghast, “It’s 5:30 in the morning!”


I was up at 6 today, Sunday morning. And that’s after going to bed at almost 11! Even when I do stay up really late, till midnight, I wake up at 6.

I blame my children, for making me wake up at or before dawn for all those years, to nurse them or watch cartoons with them or drive them to school. Now, although they ridicule me for waking up early, I can’t stop. But at least I’m conscious enough to know it’s an old-people thing.


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