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#102: Only One Pair of Glasses At A Time, Please

This tip comes from my pal Amy Edelman, author of Manless in Montclair, a wonderful memoir novel about a widow in the suburbs in search of a new husband. Amy’s advice: Don’t wear more than one pair of glasses at a time.

The young among you may say, Duh! But I sense you over-45s out there nodding sheepishly. You’ve done it, haven’t you? There you were sitting by the pool, reading the paper, needing to see, but blinded by the glare. And so you slipped on your reading glasses. And then you slipped on your sunglasses over them.

Maybe you thought nobody would notice. But Amy did. And she ran and told me. And now you’re busted. The solution? These ultra-mega-cool reading sunglasses, or these “sunglass bifocals.” Except note to copywriter: Rethink the word bifocals.


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