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#125: Fall Is So NOT Your Favorite Season

Favorite season of the old: Fall. Why? Because the colors are so lovely, and you get to wear clothes that cover your body again, and you’re forced to stay in the house and eat beef stew and apple pie and drink sidecars.

Sounds pretty good to me, but not to the young. For young people, fall means a return to school (blech), even for years after they graduate. No more bikinis, no more sex on the beach, goodbye to the summer share. Second and third place go to spring, as in fever, and winter, for the snowboarding and the nice Christmas check from mom and dad.

So that leaves the old with fall all to themselves.

Other favorites of the old you may want to rethink:

Favorite Color: Greyish-green.

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving.

Favorite Day of the Week: Thursday. Or maybe Sunday.

Favorite Skirt Style: Pleated.

Favorite Weather: Cool and rainy.

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