#131: Try Not To Be So Chic

My fashionista daughter in Paris forwarded me a link to Advanced Style, a blog on chic into one’s golden years, or silver years, or wizened years, or something.

Thanks for thinking of me and HNTAO, sweetie, though I’m not sure whether to be flattered or insulted by the viewpoint of this blog.  On the one hand, gee, it’s nice when someone, anyone, notices that people over 40ish exist, much less applauds them for their superior style. When that applause is public and coming from the Evil Young, it’s truly a breakthrough event.

And yet, do I detect a whiff of patronization here? A hint of: Yeah, those silver-headed wizened people, they’ve got individual style, sometimes even chic, but they’re not truly hot and cool like us.

I was disappointed not to find a single person on the blog who I aspired to dress like, though I’m always on the lookout for old people style role models.  The best one I ever found was an ancient Asian man I spotted on a beach in California, wearing a straw hat, a white shirt, black pants, and brown sandals.  Now that’s authentic and eternal chic.


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3 responses to “#131: Try Not To Be So Chic

  1. My fundamental flaw in determining “my fashion style” as I age, (if I still have one!) is trying decide what I care about most – what others think about how I am dressed OR what I think about how I am dressed! I love the quote “why you age is up to nature, how you age is up to you”. I have decided to age with grace, but stay young forever!

  2. Oh my gosh, at 62 still working two jobs my favorite outfits is: washing my face clean from all make up, ripping off my bra and putting on a baggy patterned blouse, and the finality large warm sweat pants and big soft socks…the picture is to dream about.

    I love getting older and not having to be a fashion queen…and now since chemo and loosing my hair as it’s come in gray..I left is gray, short and no longer have bad hair days…I love it…

    Dorothy from grammology

  3. Lex

    Okay, but remember this mantra: I must not end up on What Not To Wear. I must not end up on What Not To Wear! You score old points if you’re chosen for that show, even if you’re twenty-five.

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