#118: Stop Talking About Menopause

There is a kind of girl who’s always liked to talk about her period: How she can’t wait to get it, when she’s having it, how bad her cramps are, where she buys her tampax, whether she’s late, how heavy her flow is, when it’s slowing down, and what it feels like when it stops all together.

And to all that I say: Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala. In other words, I don’t want to hear about it, okay? When did menstruation, or the lack thereof, get to be polite conversation? I guess around the time they started running ads for tampons on prime time TV. But to me it’s just, ew, gross.

What’s so interesting about menopause, anyway? What is this wisdom they keep talking about, this freedom, this huge change that demands hormones or maybe not hormones — sorry, I can’t keep track. The only thing more boring and unseemly than discussing getting your period is, it seems to me, discussing not getting your period.

Some of you might say my feeling on this issue is old, and that the modern stance is to be openly affirmational about the feminine circle of life. Well, I can get all woman-y with the best of them, girlfriend, but I still say keep the whole blood in your cooter thing to yourself.

On that note, I’ll change the subject to something younger: cool music. I have no idea what group or song this is, but the video got millions of views on YouTube and it features thematically-related red flags. At least I guarantee it will be more educational and entertaining than hearing about anyone’s adventures in menopause


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5 responses to “#118: Stop Talking About Menopause

  1. Remember when all the talk was about babies and what your baby was doing and poop?
    I prefer the menopause!

  2. I prefer the one before both those, when it was all about sex and romance.

  3. Lex

    I prefer people who are able to remove themselves from their life stage long enough to have an entertaining and meaningful conversation with a person of utterly different stage and/or experience.

    Oh, and baby bodily fluids really are preferable to middle-aged woman bodily fluids, Haralee.

  4. Women need to talk about menopause, because until recently, no one has! It’s not just about ‘losing your period’…it certainly doesn’t happen overnite, but usually begins 10-15 yrs before you do that. And it’s not like having pms a few days …it’s about having PMS and other symptons for several years for most women. Symptoms that are usually much more difficult than ‘bloating’ and ‘cramps’. Unless you’ve made it past menopause, or were one of the lucky ones to make it through w/o symptoms and w/o pharmaceutical hormone replacement, then you should perhaps not judge others for this particular conversation. It’s all about educating yourself and talking about it will any positive outcome occur. How do you think men got Viagra?? It certainly wasn’t about keeping quiet!

  5. Lex

    Viagra sounds like a snooty girls’ name. Off topic, I know…

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