#36: Enough With The Seinfeld, Already!

Maybe you faithfully sat in front of the TV every Thursday night (remember those pre-TiVo days?) for Seinfeld‘s entire first run. Maybe you still catch the syndicated shows nearly every night, just like your parents watch The Nightly News and your kids watch The Simpsons. Maybe you’ve gotten the boxed sets as gifts for every occasion over the past few years. And maybe you can genuinely relate nearly everything that happens in your life to a Seinfeld episode.

But listen, the real-life Jerry has moved on. He’s got a young wife, little kids, a struggling new career as a voice-over actor: When you’ve got that much money, you can buy yourself a twenty-years-younger life. Larry David has moved on with his new family, the Blacks. All the other Seinfeld players have moved on, with shows and futures of their own. OK, most of them.

Before you move on, too, though, I want you to know that the Pam, Pam, Pam episode — aka The Soul Mate, written by Peter Mehlman — is about me, me, me.


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3 responses to “#36: Enough With The Seinfeld, Already!

  1. DecaturHeel

    True, life has moved on for the cast members and, hopefully, for everyone else. But that doesn’t mean cotinued enjoyment can’t be had with repeat viewings! I’ve been watching it for years and I still catch small nuances that reward repeat viewings. (For example, in the episode where Jerry is persuading Babu to convert his cafe to a Pakistani restaurant, there’s a scene where he things to himself, “I am a great man,” and he’s next to a bust of Alexander the Great, holding his head in the same position.) I guess my favorite show is about nothing, even after all these years. Sad? Maybe.

  2. Lexi

    It’s true. I can’t even tell which things were supposed to be humorous and which things were not on that show. None of it is funny anymore. It’s like that inside joke you had to be there for.

  3. Doug R

    I just wanted to say, I’m 19 and I still LOVE seinfeld. But, whenever I reference the show most of my friends have no idea what I’m talking about.

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