#34: Don’t Fear The Thong

All right, you know you’re not supposed to wear granny panties. But what’s wrong with bikinis? Why does acting young have to mean wearing a thong?

Thongs are…..uncomfortable. Even the ones that are supposed to be comfortable are uncomfortable. They make you feel like you have an intractable wedgie. Plus, they make you feel completely exposed. Like you’re hardly wearing any underwear at all.

But listen, that’s the next step: Going commando, ala Britney. So think of thong-wearing as a compromise in sexiness.


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5 responses to “#34: Don’t Fear The Thong

  1. Love this blog – will spread the word about it! I found you through the Barista!

  2. I don’t know if you knew this or not, but a woman is suing Victoria Secret because her thong snapped and a piece of metal hit her in the eye. I hope someone gets to the bottom of this. (GROAN). Here’s a URL to the story:

  3. By the way Mauigirl, thanks for the tip about Pam’s blog.

  4. Lexi

    That’s not true. Thongs are a little passe after that whole pulling-straps-over-the-jeans thing. Boy shorts are in right now. If you do wear a thong, make sure it isn’t black, white, or beige. Those are boring undie colors. (er… yes, I do find this blog fascinating)

  5. sheilab

    ….if you don’t have a thong, you can use dental floss instead…….

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