#27: Don’t Vote Republican

Sure, there are Young Republicans, just like there’s Jumbo Shrimp and Soft Rock. It’s an oxymoron: All Republicans are, in spirit if not in years, old. They’re conservatives, which by definition means they’re against change and for the status quo. They’re pro-money — and why not, since as old white men, they have plenty. And against abortion — again why not, since as old white men, they can’t get pregnant.

Even if, for some bizarre reason, your politics line up with the Republicans, I still implore you to resist voting with them. Think of how old their presidential candidate is compared with the Democrats’. Think, even more important, of your image.



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2 responses to “#27: Don’t Vote Republican

  1. John L. Farrell

    Your website was funny until this point. But now you have resorted to the talking points and ‘holier than thou’ attitude exhibited by the democratic party. Remember your party supports censorship with its adherence to political correctness by telling people how they should talk and think. Just how exactly is that being progressive?

  2. Janine

    I like this one.

    Remember when they were talking about their “permanent republican majority?”

    So funny.

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