#25: Don’t Make Love

It’s not the act of copulation that’s the problem; it’s calling it “making love.” Or “sleeping with.” Or “getting it on.”

When young people “do it,” they usually come right out and say “having sex.” Or sometimes (see #6), “hooking up.”

Bone, jump, and play may be related words, but I only know that because I looked it up in the Online Slang Dictionary.



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2 responses to “#25: Don’t Make Love

  1. Lexi

    F***ing is also used a lot. It’s kind of a backlash against the Danielle Steelesque sound of “making love.”

  2. Rio

    Sexual Intercourse is the biological term and reminds me of boring school lectures so no surprise that teens hate the term.

    “Screwing” is also a very popular term, maybe because it is a little less direct direct than F***ing.

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