#24: Don’t Forget…..Uh, Everything

This is an obvious one, though it’s way down at #24 because I kept forgetting it. I’m not kidding. It was one of the first ones I thought of, a whole week ago when I started this blog and I went into the kitchen to tell my son, who asked me what platform (I think that’s the word) I was using and I’d already forgotten. Half a minute later.


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2 responses to “#24: Don’t Forget…..Uh, Everything

  1. I was going to write a coment… and forgot what I was about to say. Oh, boy.

  2. sheilab

    …where did you find my skull?… I left it somewhere last week…. please return it to me ASAP…. my address is:

    31.. no.. 51…uh..71?
    Main..no..um…Mayne..no, no…. Maine St.

    ooooo….0000… gotta run, irritable bowel just kicked in….where’s the bathroom again?…

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