#21: Don’t Leave A Message

This is a weird one, contributed by my 18-year-old son Joe (see #2). Only old people leave voice mails, says Joe. Young people, accustomed to communicating by cell phone vs. land line, figure that the other person will see their number in missed calls and return the call if they want or need to talk. Urgent message? Send a text.

That long involved voice message you left for your child or your 12-year-old doctor? They won’t listen to it.


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6 responses to “#21: Don’t Leave A Message

  1. Mary Hickey

    This is hillarious, Pam.
    Along these lines, I have been informed that using e-mail, other than for business, is really old. Young people use faceook to send messages, but now that old people have invaded that space, I think facebook will be on its way out.

  2. Anne Prince

    That is too funny! My 19 year old son WILL NOT leave me a voice message for the very same reason!! It drives me crazy. I love voice mail – leave your message and I’ll call you back! What is so hard about that??

  3. Lexi

    I agree with this one completely. Voicemails are pretty pointless and outdated – why do I want to take time out of my day to listen to you tell me to call you back when your number in my phone obviously tells me the same thing? If it’s an emergency, text me. If it’s not, don’t waste my time with a voicemail. If it’s an “emergency” with a lot of details, leave a text saying what the voicemail is (ie, it’s a grocery list) and that is the only time I’ll listen.

    I actually tried to listen to my voicemails, to see if maybe I was missing out on important things, but I wasn’t. I can tell you what my mom, my grandfather etc. said in the voicemail before I even listen to it. They always say the same thing, and they can’t tell if I listened to their voicemail or not.

    There was one time when I used voicemail a LOT – with an ex-boyfriend I never had time to see in person. We’d have entire voicemail conversations, but he was the only person I’d tolerate that from.

  4. M.J. Parker

    24 years old. Definitely don’t have time to listen to long, involved voicemails. Amen to this.

  5. zrib09 hi! hice site!

  6. I totally agree! My mother will call me several times while I’m at work, leave a message or two, and THEN text me asking to call her back when all it was was a simple question like “Did you feed the cat?”

    Couldn’t that have been solved with a simple text and answer rather than blowing up my phone?

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