#14: Don’t Fear The Waxer

Listen, you can have all the best work in the world done. You can get botoxed and Restalyned till you’re smooth as a balloon; you can have your boobs lifted to your chin and your tummy tucked into your backbone.

But if you don’t wax down there, anybody who gets close enough is going to know you’re old.

Waxing is one of the great divides between young and older women. We came of age feeling it was sacrilegious to so much as pluck one hair. They decided to shear most of it off. And even when we thought maybe we’d surprise our husbands for our 20th anniversary, we were nervous. We saw The 40-Year-Old Virgin, after all. We knew it was going to hurt, plus be embarrassing, plus who knew what kind of diseases you might pick up.

If you’re a Waxing Virgin, don’t be afraid. It’s not that bad. And the alternative is even worse: Old below the belt.


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2 responses to “#14: Don’t Fear The Waxer

  1. John

    Hi Pam,
    Thanks for letting me look at this very funny blog. I do have a comment on hair, from the male side. For mostly bald older guys, the way not to look old is to avoid wearing shiny black toupees. I actually had a vague hankering for one until my mother-in-law, laughing, told me, “Just don’t buy a rug!” So I think I’ll go for the shaved-pate look. Lots of young bald guys do that.

  2. Anina

    I’ve been trying to face this one…I can give birth, but I can’t get a bikini wax. I get as far as the salon and then go home to my trusty razor.

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