#12: Don’t Smoke Pot

It’s not the smoking of marijuana that’s the problem, exactly, though if you know where to get some, can you please let me know? No, the problem is calling it “pot.” Pot is what old hippies called it. What we called it when we used to smoke it every day. Now, it’s called “weed.” I think.



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4 responses to “#12: Don’t Smoke Pot

  1. LD

    And don’t call heroin “horse,” either. The young junkies prefer “schmeck.”

  2. Good day

    schmeck? lol. My grandparents would raise an eyebrow.

  3. Lexi

    A lot of people (young people) still call it pot.

  4. zac

    my parent always call it pot.
    people I know that don’t like it call it pot but if they like it they say weed

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