#8: Don’t Yell Into Your Cell Phone

Old people talk into their cell phones as if the phone was a tin can attached to a string, and the string was so long that the person with their ear pressed to the other tin can was in China.

Although cell phones are extremely tiny and not connected to any wires, they’re really more efficient than that. You can talk in a normal voice — no: you can talk in a softer than normal voice — and the other person will hear you. We promise. Sssssh. That’s better.



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3 responses to “#8: Don’t Yell Into Your Cell Phone

  1. A constant source of embarrassment for my three children? My husband (or me, dammit) speaking loudly into our phones.

  2. Lexi

    My mother does this. I have to turn the sound way down on my phone when she calls because it hurts my ears otherwise.

  3. sheilab


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