#3: Don’t Advise People To Carry An Umbrella

Telling otherwise-competent adults to pack an umbrella, wear a sweater, or go to the bathroom before they leave is one big way people act old. It’s as if you can’t stop being the world’s mom, or you’re so highly invested in knowing best that you’ve got to point out the obvious, or you’re so insecure about your stature that you’ve got to take over the management of the most mundane tasks.

Lighten up. Let other people take care of themselves. You in the process will feel younger and freer. And if they’re chilly later, they’ll have only themselves to blame.


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2 responses to “#3: Don’t Advise People To Carry An Umbrella

  1. sheilab

    yes, and try to avoid telling your pre-teens to remember their “rubbers”

    let them get their feet wet.

  2. LORD!!!!!!! you are bizzee!!! and so funny.
    I just ran across two thongs in my drawer and though I couldn’t put them in the garage sale bin ( is that allowed-sell a thong at a garage sale?)
    I was also pretty confident that I wouldn’t ever wear them.

    I also found that lately my resolve to never get tatooed is starting to get tattered. As independent as I am, I am 10% lemming which means that if I see about 80 more tatooed people ( like my next Tuesday) I am likely to find myself in an ink parlor.
    love it.


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