#1: Don’t Say Awesome, Dude, or Yo, You Copped Fire, Son

My husband says all the ways not to act old can’t be depressing (i.e., things he himself does), so as #1 I offer up using language that has no right to come out of lips that are more than 45 years old….make that 35….make that 14.

Using too-young slang is akin to wearing a yellow miniskirt or driving a Zipcar: It makes you seem older because you’re trying so hard to be comfortable with something that was obviously minted by and for a generation that came way after yours. Yeah, I have one post-40 friend who can say awesome in what sounds like her native tongue, but most people in the middle ages shouldn’t try to say anything more modern than “cool.”

Of course, you don’t want to swing too far the other way and use outmoded words like keen, neat, or smart.

Groovy is acceptable when used with irony. Great is always okay.

But rad? Ill? Tight? Please.


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12 responses to “#1: Don’t Say Awesome, Dude, or Yo, You Copped Fire, Son

  1. Dude, your site is awesome I can’t wait to show it to my daughter did I tell you she is going to McGill we are so mega rocked out by it but we can’t figure out how the h-e-double-toothpicks are are going to communicate w/ her via Skype and BTW is skyped a verb now?
    Dig it.

  2. Deborah

    I am almost sorry I opened this, because I’m in the middle of a meeting in a small conference room, and I just laughed out loud. But it was worth it; this is funny stuff! (If I were more clever, my comment would read like the one above…)

  3. Sheila

    #11 — do not appear downtown with your teenagers when you are wearing a “halter” top, no matter how hot it is — they don’t want to know you have breasts, much less that you’re trying to hold them up so they don’t bounce on your waistline.

    #11.5 — same goes for bikini tops.

  4. I guess that means I’m not allowed to use “curse words” either?

  5. Rebecca

    Hey, I LIKE my yellow mini skirt.

    Great blog Pam!

  6. Nancy

    I’m hoping I might be that unnamed, post-40 friend who is so cool that she gets away with saying awesome.

    Maybe not.

    Dare I say this is an awesome, truly hilarious blog?

  7. secondrhapsody

    Since I’m allowed to use “great,” I’ll use it. Great blog, Pam. Very funny and, I sheepishly admit, very true on pretty much all accounts.

    But now you owe me a favor —- could you recommend a good realtor as I will now need to give up my apartment in the Village at the end of my lease!

    Jeff I.

  8. Eileen L

    Liam Neeson!!LOL I saw him in Crucible too, and wasn’t close enough for the spittle, but I def saw it!

    How about “Don’t dance.” I’m sure I give away my age when I break into Seinfeld’s “Elaine.”

    Thank you, very funny 🙂

  9. David

    How about “hassle”? For my money, it’s one of the enduring linguistic legacies of the 60s. I think it’s still used pretty widely and isn’t cringe inducing, but I’m interested in other opinions.

  10. sheilab

    Pam — this blog is awesome fun. you’re the cat’s pajamas.

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  12. Margi

    Yo, dude. You copped some fire. Your website is awesome! However, girlfriend, since I am like way cool, I don’t need advise but will always miss those lazy days at the lake with you.

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